The cocktail reception given by the British Equestrian Federation was presided by Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cornwall. Nina had caused quite a few raised eye-brows, when she arrived in her super short dress and platform heels that were at least half a foot high. I had to remind myself that she is only 19 and on the rare occasion that she gets to dress up, I should let her be!

While we were milling around looking for tasty morsels to eat, the Duchess’ secretary came around and directly told Nina to stay put as “the Duchess would be delighted to chat with you”. We watched the Duchess chatted with the British team members for quite a long while and eventually she meandered around and addressed Nina and the Thai delegation. Khun Sam had come to support Nina and Khun Harald, who was playing at British Open Polo tournament in England, was there too. When she turned around to ask me; “ Mom, do you ride also?”, I replied “ Yes, as well as a D3 ponyclubber”. She chuckled and moved on!