Nina & Butts Leon Olympic Cross country Video, with additional footage of other riders

Nina’s Olympic photo book is finally finished

It took me about 6 months after the Olympics before I was able to enthusiastically work on this book. Nina and I were both physically and emotionally exhausted from the Olympic journey. I didn’t want to do anything remotely “horsey”.  Luckily my sister, Pia, had the energy and expertise (with the help of her IT expert) to load the bulk of the family photos onto Blurb and I spent many months writing and editing it. It also took a long time  for Austin to track down all the great photos taken by the professional photographers that you see in the book. Anyway the book  is now done and attached here for posterity.


As I look back on Nina’s audacious all-out  push to qualify for & compete at the London Olympics, I am now amazed that she managed to pull it off. The Olympics was a dream to inspire her; that it became a reality is a result of incredible hard work, sheer perseverance and luck by Nina & all of  TEAM THAILAND.

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STANDING OUT: Nina Lamsam Ligon, Equestrian Elegance

Nina gave 2 free clinics, teaching dressage, show jumping and longing at the Polo CLub in Bangkok in the summer, when she was interning at PIA. We  also tried to stress the importance of horse management amongst the riders. Sadly,  because of the relatively cheap labor in Thailand, there are grooms everywhere. The riders are simply handed a horse already tacked up and they simply jump on and off, with little hands on involvement in grooming and horsecare. Nina gave a longing clinic to the grooms, as it is simply the groom’s job to do this! None of the riders were interested in learning how to longe! There are no eventers at Polo Club, as it is considered too dangerous for the affluent clientele here. In fact there are a lot of dressage riders, as parents consider dressage to be safer than jumping. True enough!

Khun Taptim Malakul interviewed Nina and wrote a nice article for the Royal Bangkok Sports Club magazine.

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Cross Country Clinic with NINA LIGON, 2-4 September @ Thai Polo Pattaya

Cross Country Clinic with NINA LIGON, 2-4 September @ Thai Polo Pattaya

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

คุณณีนา ล่ำซำ ลิเกิ้น จะเปิดคลินิคการขี่ม้าแบบครอสคันทรี่ ที่สโมสรไทยโปโล แอนด์ อีเควสเทรียน คลับ ในวันที่ 2-4 กันยายน 2556 ที่จะถึงนี้ โดยไม่มีค่าใช้จ่ายใดๆทั้งสิ้น
สนใจติดต่อได้ที่ คุณแป้น สมรมิตต์ ล่ำซำ ที่ หรือ 0817032570


1. Riders should have their horses fit enough to cross country school well. They should be able to do 2 twenty minutes trot sets with 5 minute break easily or 3 four minutes canter sets with 4-5 minutes break between each set without huffing and puffing. Try not to jump their horses the week before coming to this clinic as we will be jumping quite a bit. Make sure all the shoes are good and tight. Bring all the icing equipment. Bring the pillow bandages I gave out as we will practice bandaging.

2. Riders should bring both their xc and dressage gear, so if the horses don’t need to xc school after first or second day, we can do dressage.

3. Ask all the riders to join the Asian Eventing Group in Facebook so we can communicate easily.


Coach Nina @ the first ever Asian Eventing Championship

What a fortnight! Nina and I are exhausted after  ”coaching” and “chef -fing” the Thai Team at the first ever Asian Championship (One star). It was really fun for me to spend a fortnight with Nina….it was like old times!  Nina was a little apprehensive about coaching as she has no prior experience. As a ponyclubber, she intensely disliked “teaching”. The job was made more difficult as her Thai is not fluent and I had to translate for her. However I think ( a biased view of course) she showed a natural flair for coaching, being both empathetic and effective. It was impressive to me how quickly she understood each horse and rider needs, and was able to find exercises to help them improve. Thank you Gerd, Kim and Katie Prudent for giving her the tools! By the end of the fortnight, she was a “pro” at it! Continue reading