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And so it begins…

I think Jazz and Paddy are going to need a bigger box.

After a week of frenzied packing, it is finally time to zip up the bags and head to the airport. We’re off to the London Test Event, a CIC** which will take place from July 4-6. 

Tomorrow, Laura, Jazz and Paddy will be FedExed to Sanstead Airport. Luckily for us, FedEx provides some excellent packaging advice, and the guidelines for “Perishable Shipments” seemed appropriate. As an extra precaution, I have requested they stamp “Fragile Cargo” on the side of their cardboard box and give them plenty of foam peanuts for bedding ;)

Fingers crossed and be sure to set off some good luck fireworks for Jazzy and me! We’re gonna need it as we will be competing against the likes of Mark Todd, William Fox Pitt, and Michael Jung, just to name a few :{ There will be a total of 41 athletes from 23 countries. But no worries, Jazz and I are looking to have a good, clean run and take in some of the historical sights of Greenwich Park.

Sadly, William and Kate will not be making an appearance, but Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Cornwall (aka Camilla) will be available for a meet-and-greet at the British Eq Fed’s cocktail party. I had to dig very, very deep into my closet for something “meet-a-royal” worthy.

Well, that’s all the concentration I can muster for now. Stay tuned for more blogs and stories (I’m not making any promises). For quick updates check out the Nina Ligon: Thai Eventer Facebook page.